IMS Announces Cloudvue and Integration with Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM

IMS Announces CloudVue and Integration with Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM

TORONTONov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”), a Microsoft partner, announced a solution that will enable radiologists and other healthcare clinicians to seamlessly access, view, and share their medical images that have been ingested into the cloud using Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM.

IMS CloudVue is a technology to access, view, and share medical images in the cloud on any device. Since many medical procedures rely on imaging for diagnostics and treatment, enabling radiologists to access high-resolution images in the cloud on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet) with no cloud latency or application installs has been vital. IMS’ end-to-end solution provides business continuity and efficient health information exchange so radiologists can effectively review patient images and share their findings remotely.

In addition, IMS is also developing CloudSync, which is a front-end plug-and-play solution. It works out of the box and enables radiology sites to transition to the cloud using a service like the Medical Imaging Server for DICOM and still use their legacy on-premises workstations on DICOM viewers. Healthcare practitioners can benefit from security measures associated with built-in redundancies for disaster recovery and continue to use their legacy PACS workstations.

Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM, which IMS is using, is an open-source solution recently released by Microsoft that allows for ingestion and persistence of medical images in the cloud. It also allows developers to bridge the gap between clinical inputs found in FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) and medical images in DICOM® (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine).

“IMS has been working closely with Microsoft and others to address unmet needs for hospitals and healthcare clinicians who want cost-effective, easy-to-implement, device-agnostic, and highly secure solutions that will improve their workflow and provide an accurate diagnosis for patients. We believe our cloud-native platforms and ability to innovate quickly will transform the way medical images are read, interpreted, and stored for many years to come,” says Vittorio Accomazzi, CTO of International Medical Solutions (IMS).

“IMS CloudVue is one of the first cloud-native technologies to enable the remote, seamless, and instant view of linked medical images from DICOM using the Medical Imaging Server for DICOM. CloudVue provides healthcare clinicians and researchers the ability to view and share medical imaging data in a highly secure cloud environment – anywhere they can get access to an internet connection,” says Steven Borg, Director, Health Cloud and Data, AI and Research at Microsoft.

About International Medical Solutions (“IMS”)

International Medical Solutions (“IMS”) designs and implements custom, scalable, medical imaging solutions for multi-national modality OEMs, EMR companies, and cloud-based radiology organizations. Founded in 2012, IMS’ innovation team has more than 90 years of collective experience developing secure, low bandwidth, image distribution platforms with deep learning and artificial intelligence, providing its partners with the latest imaging solutions in the marketplace.

IMS is committed to offering cutting edge solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, reliable, and secure. The organization partners with the American Society of Emergency Radiology (“ASER”), Envision Healthcare, and University of Toronto, all of whom are equally committed to ensuring exceptional care is being delivered by well-trained radiologists worldwide.


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