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International Medical Solutions Revolutionizes Web Based Training in Partnership with Canada’s Joint Department of Medical Imaging

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (IMS) announces its partnership with the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI), enabling one of the world’s most prestigious academic medical imaging departments to redefine its commitment to excellence by creating a new standard for learning. RADUCATE, an innovative educational platform developed by JDMI, integrates IMS’ DICOM cloud-based viewer to provide courses in various formats for all learners in medical imaging.

RSNA’22 – Radiology News Daily

NOVEMBER 27, 2022 / RADIOLOGY NEWS DAILY – In the wake of technological advancements, trade shows are changing. Instead of simple networking events, they have become immersive experiences that rouse and educate clients. And just like other industry sectors, radiology is also taking advantage of trade show marketing. With our articles and interviews in Radiology News Daily that feature the industry’s top leaders and companies, we help you draw attention to your Company. Our premier radiology publication helps…

IMS Chief Technologist to Co-Present ML Findings with Director of Microsoft Health Cloud and Data at IEEE GTTR Summit in Italy

TORONTO, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (IMS) Chief Technology Officer, Vittorio Accomazzi, will co-present his findings on how IMS CloudVue using DICOMWeb provides easy access and training of artificial intelligence modeling to a summit of global researchers at GTTR. Steven Borg, Director of Health Cloud and Data, AI and Research at Microsoft will co-present his findings which illustrate how Microsoft Azure can use DICOMWeb to provide…

FDA Clears IMS CloudVue for Mobile 3D with Patented Cinematic Rendering

TORONTO, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”), one of the first cloud-native technologies to enable the remote, seamless, and instant view of medical DICOM images in the cloud received FDA Class II Clearance for its mobile 3D cinematic solution. IMS is the only FDA cleared, photorealistic cinematic rendering provider on the market that is entirely cloud-based and does not require any on-prem back-end servers.

Canada’s Largest Radiology Program Accelerates Student Learning and Resident Success Rates with IMS Learn™

TORONTO, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging’s partnership with International Medical Solutions (“IMS”) has enabled Canada’s most extensive diagnostic radiology training program to continue its comprehensive hands-on training and assessment of students and residents without compromising academic rigor or a competency-based…

IMS Announces Cloudvue and Integration with Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM

TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”), a Microsoft partner, announced a solution that will enable radiologists and other healthcare clinicians to seamlessly access, view, and share their medical images that have been ingested into the cloud using Microsoft’s Medical Imaging Server for DICOM. IMS CloudVue is a technology to access, view, and share…

International Medical Solutions Unveils Its New Solutions for Google Cloud Healthcare Customers Transitioning to the Cloud

TORONTO, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”), a Google Cloud Partner, today announced a solution that will enable radiologists and other healthcare clinicians to transition to the cloud. The IMS CloudSync™ enables radiology sites to transition to the cloud and continue to use their legacy on-premise workstations and DICOM viewers. The front-end solution designed with…

Eastern Health to Use IMS Platform for 360-Degree Peer-to-Peer Learning Experience

TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”) and Eastern Health have signed an agreement to optimize peer learning for Medical Imaging, along with an option to deliver future peer learning programs to all of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The IMS Peer Learning™ platform uses IMS’ FDA-cleared imaging technology, which enables radiologists to engage in interactive…

Innovative Medical Imaging Provider, IMS, Engages with Envision Healthcare to Support Radiologists’ Continuing Medical Education

TORONTO, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”) and Envision Healthcare have signed an agreement to perform extensive pre-employment and ongoing testing for Envision’s radiology and tele-radiology physicians using IMS Learn™. The FDA-cleared imaging technology enables physicians to engage in interactive, web-based assessments on any device using full fidelity DICOM images.

University of Toronto Partners with IMS for Emergency Radiology Simulation

TORONTO, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Medical Solutions (“IMS”) and the University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging have signed a partnership agreement to assess the performance of diagnostic radiology residents using IMS Web Viewer™ within a simulated Emergency Radiology environment. The program is part of a larger study being funded by the Radiology Society of North America.